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The use of a flushing and cleaning protocol to remove foreign contaminants

Heat transfer fluid (HTF) cleanliness is critical to the effectiveness and safety of an HTF system. Routine monitoring of HTF condition is a critical part of ongoing HTF system maintenance. However, the condition of any fluid introduced into a HTF sys…

Keeping industry spinning

Thermal fluids are used in a variety of sectors including manufacturing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, petrochemicals and food. If a pump can be said to be the heart of industry and a control system the brain, then we could argue that thermal …

Engineering Studentships – Gaining Real Life Experience Whilst Studying

This summer Global Heat Transfer had the pleasure to welcome two new students from the CESI’s Engineering School in Paris to work on R&D projects to improve the safety of manufacturing and processing plants.

Best practice for thermal fluid sampling

To help raise awareness and promote a proactive approach to thermal fluid maintenance, Global Heat Transfer has created a comprehensive guide for managing thermal oils.

Effective management of heat transfer fluid flash point temperatures using a light-ends removal kit (LERK)

Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 4 (2014) 9-14

Managing Mineral-Based Heat Transfer Fluids to Help Maintain a Safe and Effective Heat Transfer Plant

International Journal of Materials Chemistry and Physics Vol 1, No 3, 2015, pp 246-252

Heat Transfer Fluid and Extending the Lifetime of CSP Plant Performance

Renewable Energy Focus:Technology - March/April 2015 22-26

Thermal heat transfer fluid problems following a system flush

Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 2 (2014) 91-94