Heat Transfer Fluid for Asphalt (Bitumen) Manufacturing Applications

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Asphalt manufacturing (also known as bitumen) requires the use of a specific heat transfer fluid that is designed to work to the correct temperature and to maximise product quality and yield.

Global Heat Transfer technical team have worked with engineers in the manufacturing and storage of bitumen for over 25 years, specifying and supplying the correct heat transfer fluid and testing and analysing the product frequently throughout the year. Global Heat Transfer also maintains thermal fluid for maximum operating efficiency.

Asphalt (bitumen) & Heat Transfer Fluid Systems

Heat transfer systems are a key part of asphalt manufacturing processes and storage facilities. Globaltherm® heat transfer fluids are widely used in the asphalt industry because of their high temperature stability.

Globaltherm® heat transfer fluids are used in asphalt facilities all over the world. Bulk terminals used to store and process asphalt use heat transfer fluid systems to maintain asphalt at specific temperatures. Roofing material manufacturing plants, which use asphalt as a raw material, require heat transfer fluid systems for heating the storage facility of asphalt and barges used to move asphalt maintain fluidity of their material with an on-board heat transfer fluid system.


Product Operating Temperature Bulk 1000 Litre IBC 208 Litre Barrel
Globaltherm® M

-10°C  to 320°C
(14°F to 608°F)

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Globaltherm® M is a high performing energy efficient heat transfer fluid for use in asphalt (bitumen) applications. It is also used in other types of industrial processes using heat transfer systems, including laundries, which require consistent operating temperatures.

Globaltherm® M is made from highly refined base stocks

Globaltherm® M heat transfer fluid has excellent thermal and oxidation stability ensuring consistent operation at high temperatures for extended periods

Globaltherm® M requires limited pumping energy due to its high heat transfer rates

Globaltherm® M ensures vapour lock and cavitation and eliminates the need for high pressure piping and equipment

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Product Operating Temperature (Liquid Phase) Operating Temperature (Vapour Phase) Bulk 200 KG Barrel
Globaltherm® Omnitech 15°C  to 400°C
(59°F to 752°F)
257°C to 400°C
(495°F to 752°F)
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Globaltherm® Omnitech Heat Transfer Fluid for Asphalt Processing Applications

Globaltherm® Omnitech thermal fluid is excellent for use in heat transfer fluid systems which require very precise temperature control due to its ability to operate as a vapour phase heat transfer fluid.

Globaltherm® Omnitech is a eutectic mixture of diphenyl oxide and biphenyl and gives this heat transfer fluid flexibility to perform in both vapour and liquid phases. It is miscible and interchangeable (for top-up or design purposes) with other similar mix thermal fluids.

Globaltherm® Omnitech has low viscosity to 12°C (54°F)

Globaltherm® Omnitech is a synthetic heat transfer fluid for use in asphalt processing and storage, concentrated solar power, plastic, polymer and styrene processing applications which combines low viscosity and exceptional thermal stability for consistent performance.

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High Flash Point Heat Transfer Fluid


Globaltherm® HF Heat transfer fluid is suitable for asphalt (and bitumen) production which require single fluid heating and cooling.

About Globaltherm® HF

  • Globaltherm® HF is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous heat transfer fluid and requires no special handling. It is a superior high performance energy efficient heat transfer fluid for use in bitumen production.
  • Globaltherm® HF heat transfer fluid’s flash point is one of the industry’s highest at 276°C (530˚F). Not only does Globaltherm® HF Heat transfer fluid have one of the highest flash points in the market it also delivers trouble-free service for asphalt and bitumen applications, when managed correctly. This is as a result of its resilient blend of additives.
  • Globaltherm® HF heat transfer fluid delivers superior resistance to extreme oxidation and sludging found in many manufacturing environments including asphalt and bitumen processing applications.
Product Operating Temperature 1000 Litre IBC 208 Litre Barrel Bulk
Globaltherm® HF 338°C (640°F)  tick tick tick

Parameter HF

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