Heat Transfer Fluid for Industrial Laundry Applications

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Industrial laundry applications require the use of a heat transfer fluid that is designed to work to the correct temperature for prolonged periods. Global Heat Transfer has worked with industrial laundry engineers for over 25 years by monitoring and maintaining thermal fluid for optimum operating efficiency.

Heat transfer fluid systems are used to heat flatwork irons and offer greater productivity per unit floor space. With heat transfer fluid based systems corrosion, condensate return and steam trap maintenance are eliminated and there is no water treatment or discharge problem. One of the key benefits with a heat transfer fluid based system is reduced operating costs through improved system efficiency.

While steam systems generally operate to 350°F heat transfer fluid systems can easily provide up to 450°F.

And because of the low pressures required in heat transfer fluid based systems, the chests can be fabricated of steel rather than the cast-iron required for steam systems. This delivers not only cost savings, but heat transfer is improved with steel.

Corrosion is to be expected with a steam system. When operating a steam system the aim is to reduce corrosion as much as possible, principally through water treatment, which is not only time consuming but expensive. Corrosion also means you have to constantly monitor and maintain other components too.

Heat transfer fluid will not corrode the materials commonly used in laundry systems.

Globaltherm® heat transfer fluids are currently used in a wide range of hotel, institutional and central laundries.

Product Operating Temperature Bulk 100 Litre IBC 208 Litre Barrel
Globaltherm® M

-10°C  to 320°C
(14°F to 608°F)

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Globaltherm® M is a superior high performance energy efficient heat transfer fluid suitable for use in all kinds of industrial processes, including oil and gas applications.

Made from highly refined base stocks, Globaltherm® M thermal fluid has excellent thermal and oxidation stability allowing operation at high temperatures for extended periods.

Globaltherm® M delivers good thermal conductivity and low viscosity, at the relevant operating temperatures, and ensures high heat transfer rates requiring limited pumping energy.

Globaltherm® M has low vapour pressures at elevated temperatures and greatly reduced evaporation.

With Globaltherm® M vapour lock and cavitation is eliminated, as is the need for high pressure piping and equipment.

Used fluid may be disposed of through a number of environmentally acceptable methods such as used oil recycling or heavy fuels burning.

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Product Operating Temperature Bulk 208 KG Barrel
Globaltherm® NF -20°C  to 326°C
(-4°F to 619°F)
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Globaltherm® NF Heat Transfer Fluid for Industrial Laundry Applications

Globaltherm® NF is a non-fouling, high performance, non-toxic, semi synthetic heat transfer fluid.

Globaltherm® NF non-fouling thermal fluid is made from severely hydro treated base stocks and has outstanding thermal and oxidation stability which means it can operate at high temperatures for long periods.

Globaltherm® NF is non-hazardous, non-toxic, water white and odourless

Globaltherm® NF heat transfer fluid has high flash points and ensures extra resistance to the build up of sludge

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