Heat Transfer Fluid for Marine Applications

Thermal fluid for marine applications

Marine applications require the use of a heat transfer fluid that is designed to work to the correct temperature for prolonged periods. Global Heat Transfer has worked with marine engineers for over 25 years by monitoring and maintaining thermal fluid for optimum operating efficiency.

The heat transfer fluid in a marine application is an important aspect because safety and maintenance are vital considerations in large applications which are difficult to monitor.

The Global Heat Transfer technical support team provide on-site and remote support for engineers managing thermal fluid and the heat transfer system in a marine application.

Globaltherm® M Heat Transfer Fluid is used to transfer and maintain heat in thermal fluid systems for marine based applications.

Globaltherm® M provides the high temperature stability necessary to avoid fluid premature degradation at high operating temperatures.

Global Heat Transfer is a key supplier supporting the rapid growth of thermal fluid use in marine applications worldwide and has the production capacity to deliver high volumes of thermal fluid within tight timeframes.

Product Operating Temperature Bulk 1000 Litres IBC 208 Litre Barrel
Globaltherm® M -10°C  to 320°C
(14°F to 608°F)
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Globaltherm® M Heat Transfer Fluid for Marine Applications

Globaltherm® M is a high performing energy efficient heat transfer fluid for use in heat transfer systems which require consistent operating temperatures.

Globaltherm® M for high performing heat transfer systems requiring continuous service

Globaltherm® M is made from highly refined mineral base stocks

Globaltherm® M thermal fluid has excellent thermal and oxidation stability ensuring consistent operation at high temperatures for extended periods

Globaltherm® M provides low vapour pressures at elevated temperatures

Globaltherm® M ensures greatly reduced evaporation

Globaltherm® M ensures vapour lock and cavitation and eliminates the need for high pressure piping and equipment in heat transfer systems

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