Thermal Fluid Analysis

Global Heat Transfer provides a complete sampling and analysis service in line with legislative and insurance requirements. The service can be commissioned on a regular basis with our Thermocare™ Proactive Maintenance Plans – Ultimate, Optimum and Essential Maintenance

Our Thermal Fluid Testing & Analysis service includes:

  • Site visits from our experienced engineers to safely collect representative hot, closed samples in line with recommendations from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and DSEAR / ATEX regulations and decanted under lab conditions
  • A suite of 11 approved thermal fluid tests performed by a fully accredited independent laboratory
  • Expert analysis based upon the individual case history of your system
  • Expert interpretation of the data and advice on maintaining maximum system and thermal fluid efficiency
  • Expert recommendations to ensure you comply with health and safety legislation
  • Full report of our findings and recommendations where necessary
  • A compilation of system trends and service history in order to pre-define thermal fluid performance

We have unparalleled experience in interpreting technical data and advising our customers on the best action for managing the condition of their thermal fluid. That’s why we’re the market leader.

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The main benefits to monitoring the condition of your thermal fluid are:

  • Operate a safe business knowing your thermal fluid is analysed in line with DSEAR / ATEX requirements for the duration of the plan
  • Reduce carbon deposition and fouling which will damage your system. Average Capital Expenditure costs for replacement parts are £15,000* for a heater coil and £40,000* for a new heater
  • Reduce downtime Typical manufacturing businesses lose over £30,000** per hour if output is not maintained
  • Reduce Costs Deterioration in your thermal fluid does not necessarily warrant instant replacement. There are a number of measures we can take to extend fluid life before it is classified as condemned, including filtration, light ends removal and thermal fluiddilution.
  • Lower your environmental impact by producing less waste
  • Reduce the risk of a health and safety breach by proactively monitoring and managing the condition your thermal fluid
  • Comply with insurance requirements to monitor the condition of your thermal fluid
  • Enjoy energy savings – carbon in your system will ensure you spend more on energy as carbon can’t be heated. Degraded oil in your system will draw more energy as your pumps work harder.
  • Regularly assess the extent of system wear by taking regular thermal fluid samples
  • Regular sampling serves as an early warning system for future events and enables you (or us in the case of Thermocare™ Maintenance plans) to plan effectively for system and fluid management interventions
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* Average Capital Expenditure costs for replacement parts are £15,000* for a heater coil and £40,000* for a new heater based on 10,000 litres. This is in addition to the cost of draining the system, flushing the system and refilling it with a new charge of thermal fluid suitable for your application.

** Source Availability Benchmarks

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Thermal Fluid Analysis Kit

You draw the sample and we’ll test, report and interpret the results.

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