Teflon® Woven Flange Guards

Teflon® Woven Flange Guards help keep workers safe from fluid leaksPorous spray guards can be used around flanges and known potential leak points, causing the material to coalesce back to a liquid and rendering it non-hazardous.

The Spray Guard is manufactured from three layers of woven Teflon® coated fibreglass fabric, with a central Teflon® liner for strength and a 100% TFE draw string and a Velcro fastener. This material is inherently resistant to Ultra-Violet radiation and includes a ‘litmus’ leak indicator patch contained within a clear Teflon window.

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When the draw string is tightened the fabric is drawn over the flange bolts to the pipe wall and eliminates lateral spray out and mist formation.

The fluid leak is contained, remains as a liquid and will seep through the Spray Guard to fall as droplets.

The Teflon® Spray-Guard is designed for use on flanges valves, threaded connections, pumps, flow meters & special applications.

The Spray Guard is fully re-useable and is currently used on several UK Offshore installations and within the maritime industry for vessel engine rooms. The Spray Guard is ABS type approved.

Material:  Teflon® coated fibreglass

Max Temperature:  232ºC

Max Pressure:  1,650 Psig

Leak detection:  Included

The Woven Flange Guard is available in a range of sizes from 15mm (1/2”) up to 300mm (12”).

½" 15mm
¾" 20mm
1" 25mm
1 ½" 40mm
2" 50mm
2 ½" 65mm
3" 80mm
4" 100mm
6" 150mm
8" 200mm
10" 250mm
12" 300mm
  • Flange rating PN 10-40 / 140lb
  • Flange rating 300lb
  • Butterfly valve*
  • Diaphragm valve*
  • Ball valve*
  • Plug valve*

* A threaded PTFE 1/8” drain nipple can be added to flange shields for an additional cost

  • Flange & Valve sizes up to 48” can be supplied for an additional cost
  • Shields for Elbows, ´T´ pieces, Expansion joints & threaded Unions can be supplied on request

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