Globaltherm® C (-90°C to 300°C)

High Performance Organic Heat Transfer Fluid

Operating Temperature

-90°C – 300°C (-130°F – 572°F)


Globaltherm® C is an organic stress resistant heat transfer fluid for use in the liquid or vapour phase in closed heat transfer systems with forced circulation.

About Globaltherm® C

Globaltherm® C can be used in heat transfer systems for use as a liquid in non-pressurised systems from -90°C (-130°F) to 153°C (307°F) and in pressurised systems up to 300°C (572°F).

  • This thermal fluid is for use in multi-purpose heat transfer systems where heating and cooling loops must be operated simultaneously
  • Globaltherm® C is thermally stable up to 300°C (572°F) and particularly suitable in applications where exposure to air cannot be completely prevented
  • This product provides turbulent flow and efficient heat transfer to -80°C (-112°F)
  • Globaltherm® C can be used in systems requiring low start-up temperatures from -90°C (-130°F) without the need for heat tracing
  • Globaltherm® C operates effectively in non-pressurised systems in the range -80°C – 180°C (-112°F – 356°F)
  • This heat transfer fluid is non-corrosive.
Product Operating Temperature 1000 litre IBC 208 litre barrel Bulk
Globaltherm® C -90°C to 300°C (-130°F to 572°F)