Globaltherm® D (-80°C to 200°C)

High Performance Synthetic Organic Heat Transfer Fluid

Globaltherm® D has an operating temperature ranging from -80 to 315 degrees Celsius


GLOBALTHERM® D Heat transfer fluid is a synthetic organic heat transfer fluid designed for relatively low-temperature use in the liquid phase in closed unpressurised heat transfer systems with forced circulation. The recommended upper temperature limit is 200°C.

This thermal fluid meets the FOA Regulation CFR 21 Part 178.3530 and 178.3650 and is primarily used in chemical processing applications.

About Globaltherm® D

Globaltherm® D is recommended for use in heat transfer fluid systems operating in the temperature range from -80°C (-112°F) to 200°C (392° F).

  • The product is most suitable for indirect cooling in refrigeration plants and in processes
  • GLOBALTHERM® D Heat transfer fluid is thermally stable over the recommended usage range and provides good performance
  •  GLOBALTHERM® D Heat transfer fluid is intended for use as heat-transfer medium in a closed plant.
  • This heat transfer fluid does not corrode metallic materials used in the construction of heat transfer systems.
  • This heat transfer fluid is a non-corrosive clear heat transfer fluid