Globaltherm® EDT Triple Action Coolant (-50°C to 176°C)

This triple action thermal fluid has an operating range of -50 degrees to 176 degreesThe Triple Action Fluid that’s High in Thermal Functionality,
 Anti-Corrosive & Safe to Use

Operating Temperature

-50°C  to 176°C (-58°F to 349°F)


Globaltherm® EDT is used as a refrigerant anti-freeze in thermal fluid systems

About Globaltherm® EDT

Globaltherm® EDT is our first triple action thermal fluid that provides the safety of Globaltherm™ PG with the thermal functionality of  Globaltherm® EG.

  • Globaltherm® EDT advanced formulation is made with DeTox™
  • DeTox® has been certified as being non-toxic by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Globaltherm® EDT DeTox® additive is not metabolised by the body after ingestion
  • Globaltherm® EDT ensures no toxic substances can be formed
  • Globaltherm® EDT is non-corrosive and non-destructive to the pipes and components in your system
  • Globaltherm® EDT offers effective freeze protection
  • Globaltherm® EDT provides efficient heat transfer over a broad range of temperatures
  • Globaltherm® EDT is BS 6580:2010 certified with proven inhibition against corrosion and scaling in pipes and systems

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