Globaltherm® J (-80 – 315°C)

Superior Performance Liquid and Vapour Phase Heat Transfer Fluid

The operating temperature of Globaltherm® J is -80 to 315 degrees Celsius


Globaltherm® J Heat transfer fluid is a superior high performance, energy efficient heat transfer fluid suitable for use in all kinds of industrial processes.

About Globaltherm® J

  • This high performance heat transfer fluid is a mixture of isomers of an alkylated aromatic specially engineered for demanding low-temperature applications in liquid phase pressurised systems.
  • Globaltherm® J Heat transfer fluid is a heat transfer agent suitable for applications requiring single fluid heating and cooling.
  • This fluid is recommended for use in a temperature range from <-80°C (-112°F) up to a maximum bulk temperature of 315°C (600°F) in the liquid phase.
  • This heat transfer fluid can also be used in vapour phase systems operating from 181°C to 315°C (358°F – 600°F).
  • This heat transfer fluid offers outstanding low-temperature pumpability and excellent thermal stability for protection against accidental overheating.
Product Operating Temperature 200kg barrel 1000 litre IBC Bulk
Globaltherm® J -80 – 315°C  (-110°F – 600°F)

Globaltherm® J properties