Globaltherm® L (-30°C to 360°C)

High Performance Heat Transfer Fluid

Operating Temperature

-30°C – 360°C (-22°F – 680°F)


Globaltherm® L is a multi-purpose high performance benzyltoluene heat transfer fluid. It is for use in closed loop heat transfer systems. It is used predominantly in pharmaceutical industries and plastic processing and can be used in liquid and vapour form.

About Globaltherm® L

Globaltherm® L benzyltoluene HTF is recommended for use in the temperature range from -30°C (-22°F) to 360°C (680°F), but can be used intermittently at film temperatures as high as 380°C (716° F). It can also be used in pressurised systems up to 360°C (680°F).

  • Multi-purpose HTF in bulk outlet temperature ranges:
  • -20°C (-4°F) to 280°C (536°F) in non-pressurised heat transfer systems
  • 280°C (536°F) to 680°C (680°F) in pressurised or liquid-vapour heat transfer systems
  • Globaltherm® L heat transfer fluid is non-corrosive
  • Globaltherm® L can be used in the liquid or liquid/vapour phase due to its narrow boiling range of around 4°C (39°F)
  • This heat transfer fluid has low pour point and pumping limit
  • -30°C (-22°F)
  • thermal fluid with low viscosity for excellent heat transfer efficiency
  • Globaltherm® L is a benzyl aromatic with excellent thermal stability

Globaltherm® L HTF has a high auto-ignition temperature of 450°C (842°F)


Product Operating Temperature 1000 litre IBC 208 litre barrel Bulk
Globaltherm® L -30°C to 360°C (-22°F to 680°F)