Globaltherm® LT Plus

Durable Liquid & Vapour Phase Heat Transfer Fluid

Globaltherm® LT Plus operates at temperatures ranging from -81 to 35 degrees Celsius

About Globaltherm® LT Plus heat transfer fluid

  • Globaltherm® LT Plus Heat transfer fluid is a mixture of isomers of an alkylated aromatic
  • Globaltherm® LT Plus Heat transfer fluid is specially engineered for demanding low-temperature applications in liquid phase pressurised systems.
  • This fluid is recommended for use in heat transfer fluid systems operating in the temperature range from -81°C (-114°F) to 315°C (599° F).
  • A superior high performance, energy efficient heat transfer fluid suitable for use in all kinds of industrial processes.
  • Globaltherm® LT Plus Heat transfer fluid is suitable for applications requiring single fluid heating and cooling
  •  This heat transfer fluid can also be used in in vapour phase systems operating from 180 to 315°C

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