Globaltherm® MXT (-7°C and 320°C)

High Performance  Heat Transfer Fluid

The operating temperature range of Globaltherm® MXT is -7 to 320 degrees Celsius

Using Globaltherm® MXT

  • Globaltherm® MXT Heat transfer oil contains a highly resilient blend of additives resistant to sludging and ensures long-lasting and trouble-free service when managed correctly
  • This heat transfer oil is a mineral based liquid phase heat transfer oil used for operating at bulk temperatures between -7°C and 320°C in both open and closed circulation.
  • Globaltherm® MXT heat transfer oil is resistant to the oxidation and thermal cracking found in many industrial processing environments, including; chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, paper, wood and textiles.
  • Globaltherm® MXT Heat transfer oil is non-toxic and non-corrosive.
  • This Heat transfer oil is suitable for a range of indirect open and closed liquid phase industrial heat transfer systems.
  • Used oil may be disposed of through a number of environmentally acceptable methods such as used oil recycling or heavy fuels burning.

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The properties of Globaltherm® MXT