Globaltherm® Omnisol (-65°C – 425°C)

Silicone based thermal fluid for concentrated solar power and thermal storage applications

Globaltherm Omnisol can operate at temperatures ranging from -65 to 425 degrees Celsius


Non-hazardous, low toxicity, silicone based heat transfer fluid. Globaltherm® Omnisol is the high temperature silicone based thermal fluid for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) thermal storage applications.

About Globaltherm® Omnisol

Globaltherm® Omnisol – is a silicone based heat transfer media used in solar thermal storage applications at high temperatures.

Omnisol can safely withstand temperatures up to 425°C (797°F).

Globaltherm® Omnisol delivers the high thermal stability and reliable heat transfer of a polydimethylsiloxane mixture with a low pumpability point of -65°C (-85°F). Globaltherm ® Omnisol is a high performing low toxicity, low fire risk, heat transfer fluid for CSP applications operating up to 425°C (797°F).

Globaltherm® Omnisol is suitable for use in parabolic trough applications requiring a low freeze point and low temperature pumpability.


Product Operating Temperature 200kg barrel 1000 litre IBC Bulk
Globaltherm®Omnisol -65°C to 425°C (-85°F to 797°F)