Globaltherm® Omnistore MS-600 (149°C – 600°C)

Molten salt heat transfer media for concentrated solar power and thermal storage applications

Operating Temperature

149°C to 600°C (300°F to 1112°F)


Non-toxic and non-flammable heat transfer media. Globaltherm® Omnistore MS-600 is the high temperature heat transfer media for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and thermal electricity storage applications.

About Globaltherm® Omnistore MS-600

Globaltherm® Omnistore MS-600 – is a molten salt heat transfer media used in solar thermal storage applications at very high temperatures.

Omnistore MS-600 can safely withstand temperatures up to 600°C (1112°F), higher than most heat transfer media on the market today.

Globaltherm® Omnistore MS-600 molten salt  heat transfer media has excellent thermo-physical properties in the liquid state, such as low viscosity, high heat capacity, and high thermal conductivity. Globaltherm’s heat transfer molten salts provide long-term heat storage for high-temperature applications.

Globaltherm® Omnistore MS-600 minimises safety hazards and the need for high-pressure equipment.

Product Operating Temperature 1000kg sack
Omnistore MS-600
149°C to 600°C
(300°F to 1112°F)