Globaltherm® PG (-50°C to 121°C)

Globaltherm PG can operate at temperatures ranging from -50 to 121 degreesThe low toxic low temperature heat transfer fluid

Operating Temperature

-50°C  to 121°C (-58°F to 250°F)


Globaltherm® PG is used as anti-freeze in thermal fluid systems

About Globaltherm® PG

Globaltherm® PG is generally recognised as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) for use as a direct and indirect food additive under the conditions prescribed by the US FDA.

  • Globaltherm® PG is a Propylene Glycol based product (10 to 100%)
  • Globaltherm® PG is a water based refrigerant anti-freeze
  • Globaltherm® PG provides effective freeze/burst protection to between -51°C (-60°F) and -60°C (-76°F) depending on concentration
  • Globaltherm® PG provides efficient heat transfer over a broad range of temperatures
  • Globaltherm® PG is generally regarded as being safe due to its low toxicity
  • Globaltherm® PG is non-corrosive and non-destructive to the pipes and components in your system