Globaltherm® S (-5°C to 350°C)

Globaltherm S operates at temperatures ranging from -5 to 350 degrees Celsius

High Performance Thermal Fluid

Operating Temperature

-5°C  to 350°C (23°F to 662°F)


Globaltherm® S is a high performance heat transfer fluid for use in closed loop, non-pressurised heat transfer systems. Primary uses are chemical industries and plastic processing applications.

About Globaltherm® S

Globaltherm® S is recommended for use in an upper temperature range from 250°C (482°F) to 350°C (662°F), but can be used intermittently at film temperatures as high as 380°C (716° F).

  • Globaltherm® S heat transfer fluid is non-corrosive and can be used in non-pressurised heat transfer systems
  • This heat transfer fluid can be used in systems requiring start-up temperatures as low as -5°C (23°F) without the need for heat tracing
  • Globaltherm® S thermal fluid is thermally stable up to 300°C (572°F) and can be used for several years below this temperature with no adverse impact on performance
  • Low viscosity 17cSt @ 40°C (104°F) with a pumping limit at -5°C (23°F)
  • This thermal fluid has a high ASTM D93 flash point at 200°C – the highest in class
  • Globaltherm® S has high thermal stress resistance in the bulk temperature range  from 60°C-350°C (140°F – 662°F)
  • Globaltherm® S has a highly aromatic structure with a boiling point range of 385°C -395°C (725°F -743°F) – the highest in class
Product Operating Temperature 1000 litre IBC 208 litre barrel Bulk
Globaltherm® S -5°C to 350°C (23°F to 662°F)