Globaltherm® Omnitech (15°C to 400°C)

This heat transfer fluid operates at a range of temperatures in liquid and vapour phase system

High Performance Liquid or Vapour Phase Heat Transfer Fluid

Operating Temperature

15°C to 400°C (59°F to 752°F) Liquid phase systems
257°C to 400°C (495°F to 750°F) Vapour phase systems



Globaltherm® Omnitech is a high performance synthetic heat transfer fluid designed to meet the demands of liquid or vapour phase systems and indirect heat transfer. The no.1 choice for concentrated solar power and thermal electricity applications, PET and plastics production and chemical industries.


About Globaltherm® Omnitech

Globaltherm® Omnitech is a synthetic heat transfer fluidwhich combines low viscosity and exceptional thermal stability for consistent performance.

  • Globaltherm® Omnitech is a diphenyl ether-biphenyl HTF mixture
  • The eutectic mixture of diphenyl oxide and biphenylgives this heat transfer fluid flexibility to perform in both vapour and liquid phases. It is miscible and interchangeable (for top-up or dilution purposes) with other similar mix thermal fluids.
  • Globaltherm Omnitech HTF has low viscosity (2.5 cst at 40°C [104°F])
  • This thermal fluid is excellent for use in heat transfer fluid systems which require very precise temperature control due its ability to operate as a vapour phase fluid
  • This heat transfer fluid is highly dependable
Product Operating Temperature 1000 litre IBC 208 litre barrel Bulk
Globaltherm® Omnitech 15°C to 400°C (59°F to 752°F)